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Building Trade Testimonials

Roger Bisby - Product Tester Professional Builder Magazine

I have used all kinds of products to help my hands stop cracking including a Norwegian formula supposed to be good for the Arctic.
This is the best I have found. Those Bees know a thing or two.
Roger Bisby
Product Tester Professional Builder Magazine

Jonathan Rix of
Brian Rix Ltd Building Contractors

I’d just like to leave you a testimonial for your products:

As a builder I’m working on-site in all conditions which can prove especially hard on the skin during the long winter months. With my hands going from wet to dry, cold to warm I have great trouble with them getting chapped, cracked and generally worn and sore. Having tried numerous hand creams and balms nothing really ever corrected the problem entirely or eased the soreness. I came across Starkie’s Beeswax Cream at a country fair show and thought it may be worth a punt, and I’m very glad I did. I found a noticeable difference within just a few days. The cracks all over my hands started to heal and the soreness faded. Once my original supply ran out, in just the time it took to deliver the next supply my hands were back to their original state. Thankfully, on it’s arrival, after a few more days of application all the problems yet again eased off. I’ll make sure from now on I keep a good stock of Starkie’s Beeswax Cream, the best thing I’ve found to look after my hands by far in 15 years in the building trade!

Kind Regards,

Jonathan Rix
Brian Rix Ltd Building Contractors

Debbie’s husband is a builder...

As discussed on the telephone, my husband suffered from cracked hands as a result of building works. He has tried many different creams and nothing worked. We saw your cream for sale at the county showground in Malvern. Within a week of using it his hands had healed. It really is an amazing cream and well worth the money.

Painter & Decorator Michael C wrote...
Dear Mr Starkie,
     I wanted to write and let you know how very helpful your Beeswax Barrier Cream has proven in my work as a professional painter and decorator.

Paint technology has moved on tremendously in recent years and there are now paints on the market designed to stick to difficult(ie Plastics, Formicas etc) surfaces together with vinyls that resist rubbing down when cleaning off scuffs and marks.
     They are all very helpful to the decorator but getting these coatings off your hands at the end of the working day can prove difficult.
     This is where your cream has been very useful as it provides a protective barrier film on the skin stopping these coatings, whether oil or water based, from really taking hold. It allows quicker clean up time as prolonged soaking or scrubbing is not now necessary.
     As a bonus the conditioning element of the cream prevents my hands drying out. As any decorator will tell you your hands take a pounding while washing down, sanding and handling chemicals.
     Before coming across your barrier cream I used to have dry rough hands with cracked skin around the nails. My lady friend said it was like being rubbed down between two sheets of sandpaper, which is fine if you’re a piece of wood, but not so clever when they snag the wife’s new nylons!
     Lastly, on a point of health, long term contact of petro-chemicals coatings/solvents are known to cause dermatitis. The use of your cream together with those impregnated wipes available from decorators/builders merchants allows me to clean off oil based paints and avoid soaking my hands in white spirit/turps.
     An excellent product that is cost effective (a little goes a long way).
     Many thanks, Yours sincerely, Michael C.

Jim Emerson had deep weeping "hacks"…
I joke - I could sue you - for wrong claims. My hands were a lot better in 6-7 days not as in the paper. Seriously I had "hacks" at the side of my nails, deep weeping and gooey blood when I gripped anything.
     I work with steel, soil, and building materials in wet acid conditions daily - "hacks" bleed as normal daily, easing a bit in summer, only yet in 6 days I had the ability to button up a white shirt and leave it CLEAN with no stains of blood over it as I fiddled with the buttons.
     In 10 days or so I have used half of the 2oz tub - OK I'm generous with it but it's so nice not to have leaking hands on the sofa and chairs - and no indoor nagging either!
     Thank you again - it's such a nice relief to sit without wrapped hands indoors...
     Jim Emerson 7th April 2008

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Starkie's BeeProtX® Beeswax Protective Hand & Foot Cream is NOT a medicinal product and if you suffer from any medical condition you should consult your doctor. If it is an animal that is suffering you should consult a vet. This statement also applies to any other of our creams.

Richard Starkie Associates and their employees do not make any specific claims about our products but only re-cycle information we have gleaned from our our customers' experiences unless otherwise stated.

None of our creams have been tested on animals nor include animal ingredients.

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