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Cracked Hands & Feet Healed in 10 Days!

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee!

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Tips on using BeeProtX® Beeswax Barrier Hand & Foot Cream

General Information.
This cream is not only a Barrier Cream but nourishes the skin while healing cracked hands and feet. It can therefore be used as a general hand cream and as it lasts for four or five (even six) hand washes you’ll find it very economical.
     Please give the cream time to work! It’s not magic! And our guarantee is not limited to 10 days although you’ll find a difference well within this time scale.
The important thing is to use this cream before doing dirty jobs. Used properly, dirt, oil, chemicals and water should not penetrate your skin and you’ll find that getting your hands clean will be much easier.

To Clean Skin Deeply Engrained with Oil and Dirt .
     Use the cream two or three times a day and be sure give the cream time to work. It will take a couple of weeks or so to clear the dirt but once you get your hands clean they will stay that way if you use the cream regularly, probably only twice a day once ingrained dirt has gone.

To Heal Cracked Hands & Feet.
      Apply the cream sparingly morning and night rubbing it in completely, when it won’t feel greasy after a few minutes.
     Please don’t expect miracles! We repeat, it’s not magic and it may take several weeks to clear up your particular problem. But it’s worth persevering as you’ll eventually find out if your hands are bad.
     When your hands are crack free, please keep using the cream several times a week and always before doing dirty jobs.

To Heal Small Cracks on Fingers and Thumbs.
     Every night and morning rub a little cream into the finger &/or thumb ends and around the nails. The cream will disappear completely. When the cracks have healed, you might be able to cut down the applications to 3 or 4 times per week.

To Heal Badly Cracked & Stained Hands: Eg. Mechanics, Farmers, Farriers, Tradesmen etc.
     Wash hands thoroughly to remove as much engrained dirt as possible and apply the cream liberally over fronts and backs of your hands, rubbing well in. If your hands are very dry, and the cream quickly disappears, initially rub in a bit more.
    Do this every morning before you go to work and again in the evening when you've finished whatever you do to get your hands in such a state! Re-apply the cream at bed time.
NOTE: The cream won't do you the slightest bit of good in the tub!
    Make sure you get into the habit of using the cream regularly until you see an marked improvement. Because your hands were so bad it might take as long as several weeks to get them right again - but it'll be worth it!
    When your hands are back to normal, just use a little night and morning.

To Heal Cracked Feet.
     Use the cream sparingly on your feet night and morning. You should very soon notice an improvement.
    If your feet are badly cracked they might take a little longer to heal so persevere! It'll be worth it!

To Relieve Chapped Hands or Thighs.
     Apply the cream sparingly to the sore skin after washing and thoroughly drying the affected area. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly the soreness disappears. Carry on using the cream sparingly for a couple more days and then cut the applications down to every other day or two or three times a week.
    If you're going hiking or mountain walking be sure to take a Travel Tub with you!
     (The author has been in wicked pain with chapped thighs in the Swiss Alps, the Himalayas and up Mount Kilimanjaro! Beeswax Hand & Foot Cream sorts the problem out almost overnight!)

To Heal Athletes Foot.
     It's not normal for me to make my own recommendations but until some else writes about this I feel I should confirm that I have had great success using our Beeswax Barrier Hand & Foot Cream for this annoying affliction! It clears up in almost no time at all and I use it regularly a couple of times per week now!

To Clear Up Nappy Rash.
     No - I'm not going to recommend this personally, in case you wondered! Countless people have told us that our Beeswax Barrier Hand & Foot Cream works a treat on Nappy Rash and used occasionally, the soreness doesn't seem to return that easily.
     Please let us have your comments about this particular use. Please send us a testimonial.

To Help Those With Psoriasis.
     Many sufferers from this enormously embarrassing and annoying affliction (including the author) have had considerable success with our Beeswax Barrier Hand & Foot Cream.
     Just today 19th May 2008 I had a phone call from someone who re-ordered and said he'd bought the cream for his hands but was delighted as he'd found it great for his psoriasis.  
Read more on Psoriasis here

To relieve Eczema.
     Use as above for Cracked Hands. Read more here.

To relieve Cheiropompholyx (Dyshidrotic Eczema) or Pedopompholyx.
     It seems from one user, who’s had great success using our cream, that applying the cream a couple of times a week mostly keeps this complaint at bay. However if it comes back then the cream is very soothing and helps to clear up the blisters quickly. Read more here.

To treat Chickens Feet and Combs.
     At one of the summer agricultural shows a farmer mentioned to me that he was using our Beeswax Barrier Hand & Foot Cream very successfully on his prize chickens that he was showing.
     He told me the cream stopped the combs cracking and made them nice and supple. It apparently keeps the feet in good condition too.
Please be good enough to email a testimonial if you’ve had experience of this.




Starkie's BeeProtX® Beeswax Protective Hand & Foot Cream is NOT a medicinal product and if you suffer from any medical condition you should consult your doctor. If it is an animal that is suffering you should consult a vet. This statement also applies to any other of our creams.

Richard Starkie Associates and their employees do not make any specific claims about our products but only re-cycle information we have gleaned from our our customers' experiences unless otherwise stated.

None of our creams have been tested on animals nor include animal ingredients.

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