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Your First Time to Visit BeeProtX®? Here’s a summary to save you time!

It’s a Barrier Hand Cream so is water, chemical, oil, grease, acid and dirt resistant.

Heals cracked hands and feet in as little as 10 days.

Cleans up stained hands and prevents further staining.

Penetrates deeply moisturising your skin.

Lasts five or six hand washes so you only need to use it once before work.

Makes cleaning up after work so much easier.

You don’t need to use harsh “hand cleaners” which can take the natural oils out of your skin.

It’s unbelievably economical! You’ll be amazed at how long a tub lasts!

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee! No quibbles - just your money back!

It penetrates deeply, moisturising your skin and is non greasy so you don't even know it's there helping you. It's also water, chemical,oil, grease and dirt resistant so protects your hands from getting chapped, stained and engrained with oil and dirt.

     Customers tell us it lasts for five or six hand washes and makes cleaning up after work very much easier without the need for harsh hand washes which can take the natural oils from your skin.  As you won’t need to put the cream on every time you wash your hands you’ll be amazed at how long a tub lasts.

     If you've suffered so much in the past from sore cracked hands or feet you needn't suffer any longer!

If you’re suffering from cracked hands or cracked feet - this cream works... and it works fast!

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Some Quotes from Customers!

Eczema for 23 last a product that works!!! Lindsey A
I can recommend it to any one (for feet) especially Diabetics. Jean E
...the unsightly marks of eczema have gone. Ian G
I don’t have sore weeping cracked hands anymore. M M
And the results from your product were, without exaggeration, simply astonishing. Mike G
How fantastic is this cream, my hands are moist, crack free and just lovely. R H
"It is quite marvellous and I am so pleased"… G R
It really is an amazing cream and well worth the money. Debbie
An excellent product that is cost effective (a little goes a long way). Michael C.

Starkie's BeeProtX® Beeswax Protective Hand & Foot Cream is NOT a medicinal product and if you suffer from any medical condition you should consult your doctor. If it is an animal that is suffering you should consult a vet. This statement also applies to any other of our creams.

Richard Starkie Associates and their employees do not make any specific claims about our products but only re-cycle information we have gleaned from our our customers' experiences unless otherwise stated.

None of our creams have been tested on animals nor include animal ingredients.

2oz/57g Hand & Foot Cream Travel Tub £14.95  (Code: 2BPXHFC)

Slightly larger Travel Tub for longer trips. Again this Tub can be re-filled when empty.

4oz/114g Hand & Foot Cream Tub £23.95  (Code:4BPXHFC)

This tub should last for 4 - 6 months from what customers tell us but whatever, you’ll be surprised at how little you need to use!

Tip: Use this tub to refill your smaller Tubs and save money.



1oz/28.5g Hand & Foot Cream Travel Tub £9.95  (Code: 1BPXHFC)

This is a handy size for taking on a trip. There is enough cream for 3 or 4 weeks or more and when empty this tub should be re-filled.


You’re much better off with a 2oz Tub (Incl £3.95 P&P) at £9.45 per oz

...Or even better off with a 4oz Tub (Incl £3.95 P&P) at £6.98 per oz

If you’re buying for the first time Bigger Tubs = Better Value!
Look at the difference when you include P&P of £3.95!  A 1oz Tub (Incl £3.95 P&P) is £13.90 per oz

Order Here

Order Here