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Cracked Hands & Feet Healed in 10 Days!

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee!

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Garden News Offer

Beeswax Hand & Foot Cream Beeswax Barrier Hand & Foot Cream

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Luxury Face & Body Cream Luxury Beeswax Face & Body Cream

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Beeswax Leather Dressing Superior Quality Beeswax  Leather Dressing

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DMT® Mini-Hone® Twin Pack for Gardeners. #Mini_TP

A great gift for a gardener!

Your first visit to this site? Click here for a quick information summary about our Hand & Foot Cream to save you time!

Starkie's BeeProtX® Beeswax Protective Hand & Foot Cream is NOT a medicinal product and if you suffer from any medical condition you should consult your doctor. If it is an animal that is suffering you should consult a vet. This statement also applies to any other of our creams.

Richard Starkie Associates and their employees do not make any specific claims about our products but only re-cycle information we have gleaned from our customers' experiences unless otherwise stated.

None of our creams have been tested on animals nor include animal ingredients.

Hand and Foot Cream + Face & Body Cream Twin Packs + 4oz/114g 4oz/114g

A great way to try our superb Luxury Face & Body Cream is to buy
one of our money saving Twin Packs.

They make great gifts too!

Special Offers and Bulk Orders!

We have a new Special Offers page. Take a look! There are some good “Twin Pack” money saving combination offers on our Luxury Beeswax Face & Body Cream + Beeswax Barrier Hand & Foot Cream.
Also a Bulk Order page with 5 for the price of 4 offers.

Luxury Face & Body Cream 2oz Travel Tub (Save £4.19)
Try a 2oz Tub of our Luxury Beeswax Face & Body Cream at 25% Discount
(only £12.56 + P & P)
or better still, add this to an order.

There’s always pruning to be done so why not take a look at our DMT® Diamond Sharpening page and get your secateurs and shears sharpened up.

Face & Body Cream 1oz are out of stock.
Hand & Foot Cream 8oz Pumpers are out of stock.

Our next show is Newark Vintage Tractor & Heritage Show at Newark Showground 11th - 12th November 2017.
We’ve moved into The Stanley Sheldon Hall.
(joined to The Crocker Halls).

For a full list of shows click here. If you’re
having trouble finding us Call 07768 39 22 20
or 07708 10 40 74.

Diamond Sharpeners - Make Great Gifts for Gardeners! Dressing

Diamond Sharpeners for Gardening & HorticultureDiamond Sharpeners for Gardening & Horticulture

Fast, Easy Garden Tool Sharpening.
Many of you who use our BeeProtX® Beeswax Barrier Hand Cream are keen
gardeners so we’ve set up a page specially for you to take advantage of our having specialised in                                                for over 30 years.
With one of these you’ll be able to sharpen all your garden tools with complete ease! And all your kitchen knives too!

For a full range of DMT® Diamond Whetstones and Sharpeners
for Woodworking, Butchery, Meat Processing, Catering, Fieldsports, Building Trades, Clipper Blade Sharpening, Farriers, Wintersports etc. please visit

One of these will sharpen all your garden tools & kitchen knives.

I really feel the need to write to you to tell you how unbelievably grateful I am to have found and used your lip balm. Every few years an old wound opens on my bottom lip. It stays open for ages with hourly applications of regular lip balms from every chemist. It always takes several months to close and heal. With your product it closed and healed immediately within 48 hours. I am so grateful as I was considering surgery. Many thanks, Sam R

“The best Lip Balm I’ve ever used” was a comment from a lady when she re-ordered!

Lip Balms and Propolis Salve Lip Balms and Propolis Salve Lip Balms and Propolis Salve Lip Balms and Propolis Salve

Stunning Testimonials for BeeProtX® Lip Balms Below!


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code please put it in the
Promotion Box at Checkout.

   This really is a luxury cream and customers tell us
it’s not only as good, but even better than creams at
more than twice the price.
   “This is the best cream I’ve ever used” is a typical comment and customers have told us they’ve cleared the bathroom shelves of other creams and are now saving a small fortune!
    You really should try this cream especially as it carries our 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee!
NOTE. This is only free when you add it to an order, otherwise there is £3.95 P&P to pay .
For the sachet only Call Free 0800 027 0208.

Add to your order here…

4oz Hand & Foot Cream Quick Order Button

L-Arginine & L-Citrulline Complex for Optimum Cardiovascular Heart Health. If you want to avoid having heart disease or a stroke and ensure you have a Healthy Heart then read this…

For further information or help with ordering please call Richard Starkie on Free Phone 0800 027 0208.

If ordering online, please don’t use Google but go directly to our exclusive website
as we’ve found out that we’re losing orders to other distributors which is very frustrating after all our hard work!

Formulation based on the groundbreaking discovery of Dr. Louis Ignarro Phd for optimum Cardiovascular Heart Health.
NEW IMPROVED PATENTED FORMULA increases Bio-availability, Potency and Persistence
of L-Aginine
in the blood stream leading to Nitric Oxide production associated with good heart health. Watch the fascinating video          which explains how this vitally important product works. Simply Cardio Flow comes in Lozenge form to ensure saliva activation for maximum effect.
When you’ve listened to the evidence in the video about Dr. Joseph Prendergast’s patients you can only conclude that L-Arginine is the reason that none of his 5,000 patients suffered from heart disease or strokes.     


Order Here

  Suggested use, suck 1-3 lozenges daily

Always follow directions on the pack.

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Please Note. If you order directly with Simply Naturals Ltd please quote our Distributor ID.113652 as we
have a young family to feed!
If ordering online, please don’t use Google but go directly to our exclusive website as we have found out that we’re losing orders to other distributors which is very frustrating after all our hard work!

To find out why you need Plant Derived Minerals to maintain or improve your health
and/or beauty, order a                                                                 here…

If you’d like to speak to Richard Starkie to discuss this further, please  
Call Free 0800 027 0208, or you can order Plant Minerals online here.
Free on 0800 027 0208.

Free Sample and Information Pack

Discover Why Everyone, Including You,  Needs Plant Derived Minerals. If You’d Like to Lose Weight Read This…

For further information or help with ordering please call Richard Starkie on Free Phone 0800 027 0208.

High Quality, Healthy, Natural Dietary Fibre with Glucomannan, Vitamins B1, B5, B6
and B13 backed up by scientific studies and EFSA approved weight loss claims.

     Reduces tiredness & fatigue     Supports energy release     Helps in management of weight control     Contributes to reduced appetite     Helps to restore intestinal flora
Has pre-biotic effect     Helps reduce the Glycemic index of meals     Suitable for diabetics     Helps maintain normal blood cholesterol. Video on how this works

            If ordering online, please don’t use Google but go directly to our exclusive website
      as we’ve found out that we’re losing orders to other distributors which is very frustrating after all our hard work!

‘Simply  Weightloss’

     Just take 2 capsules before meals!

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Simply Naturals Ltd. Product Disclaimer.
Simply Naturals Ltd products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information supplied in any of our promotion materials including catalogues and websites etc. is not intended to replace the individual advice available from your own doctor. If you have a recurring health problem that worries you, always tell your doctor. If you are taking a prescription medicine, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking a supplement. If you experience an adverse reaction, stop taking the supplement and seek medical advice. Any products, testimonials or claims have not been evaluated by The Dept. of Health, the FDA or any other health authority. Simply Naturals Ltd does not make any cure claims and does not give health or medical advice. Testimonials or endorsements that have been sent to Simply Naturals Ltd by customers relate only to those individuals and do not necessarily reflect the typical purchaser's experience. We do not claim these are typical results and do not guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar benefits.

NOTE: Although there is no payment to be made please choose ‘Cheque Payment’ to allow your order to complete.

1/4oz/7g Peppermint
Lip Balm £6.95

1/4oz/7g Manuka
Lip Balm £6.95

1/4oz/7g Teatree
Lip Balm £6.95

Lip Balms and Propolis Salve

1/4oz/7g Propolis
Lip Balm £6.95

1/4oz/7g Propolis
Salve £7.95

TIP: Add a Lip Balm to your order for something else as you only pay P&P once!  Read more information about Lip Balms & Propolis Salve here

DMT® Diamond Sharpeners